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Grade 3 Drop
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Your online storage. Ask your teacher for your password.

One Hundred Famous Views of Edo
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A really fun game involving gears.

Ed Heads
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A fun game all about simple machines.

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Find weather statistics for a wide range of places all around the world.


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Explore and learn all about remarkable inventions.

2 D and 3 D Shapes

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Space Jeopardy
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Click here to get the sites that will help you find the answers.

IXL Math Practice

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User name and password will be needed.

Nutrition ExplorationsAuthor Scavenger Hunt

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How much do you know about these authors? Can you find all the answers?

University of Manchester Site

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Something for everybody at this site! Thank you Ms.Harold for such a find!

Time and Date

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Character Scrapbook

Create your favorite character and tell what you know about the character.

Meet Mallory McDonald (like the restaurant, but no relation)

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Start your quest here to learn about bones.

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Rainforest Games
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Your passport to a fun rainforest game!

Math Fact Practice - Mr. Piccolo

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Ms. Harold's Page

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Third Grade Health

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Rainforest Research

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Start your quest here for more information about the rainforest.

Japanese Culture

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Learn about Japan

How Chocolate is Made

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Watch this video to learn how chocolate is made. Then open a word document and tell me three things you learned from the video. Then draw a picture in KidPix that shows one step in the chocolate making process.

Graduate from the Webonauts Internet Academy
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Dongle: Staying Safe Online
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Click the link to watch Dongles video on how to stay safe.


Contact: seansensei8@gmail.com