A Google A Day

You’ll find the world’s largest living superorganism off the coast of what state?

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Slowmation 2011

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Gmail Mobile by JESS3 from JESS3 on Vimeo.

JESS3 Gmail Making Of Video from JESS3 on Vimeo.

Hip Hop Hofstee

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Visit Ms. Hofstee's website

Ms. Mo's Webpage

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Learn Your Geography

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Grade 4 Drop

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Your online storage. Ask your teacher for the password.

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Explore different artists. Get ideas for your "Art Gallery".

Rudiments of Wisdom

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A comic Encyclopedia!

Pearl Buck

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Who is the lady behind the Big Wave? Start here to learn about this remarkable author.

Sharon Creech Scavenger Hunt

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Create a Timeline

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Upload images to make a visual timeline!


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Test your knowledge about books from our library.


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Visible Body

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See what you can learn about the brain!

Another great comic creator (I think it might be better than the other!)

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Create your own comic

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Think of a topic. Make a comic strip.

Get to know more about Humphrey and his adventures!

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You will find lots of great information about Humphrey on his web site.

The Brain

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The brain is an amazing organ. Play these brain games to see if you can trick your brain.

Electricity and Magnets

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