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Links To Foods Of The WorldNorway:
http://www.norway-hei.com/foods-of-norway.html - foods & recipes

http://www.marimari.com/content/korea/food/famous/famous.html - food
http://www.trifood.com/food.asp - recipes

http://australianfood.about.com/od/discoveraussienzfood/a/Iconicfoods.htm food & recipes,
click on the name in blue for the recipe to each dish

http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2035.html - food
http://japanesefood.about.com/od/cookingtipcookbook/tp/basicrecipe.htm - recipes

http://mark-knowles.hubpages.com/hub/Top-Ten-American-Recipes - food
http://browse.realsimple.com/food-recipes/browse-all-recipes/american-traditional/index.html- recipes

Canada :
http://allrecipes.com/Recipes/world-cuisine/canada/main.aspx - some foods & recipes

http://www.famousitalianfood.com/ - food and recipes

http://www.surfindia.com/recipes/ - food and recipes

http://www.whats4eats.com/central-america/nicaragua-cuisine - food and recipes

http://www.easy-french-food.com/famous-french-food.html - food
http://www.easy-french-food.com/easy-french-recipes.html - recipes

Water Cycle Slowmation 2011
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Water Cycle Game
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Water Cycle

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Wake Up World!
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Learn about people around the world.

View more presentations from isshgrade2.

Children's News Resources
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Nutrition Exploration
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Some great food related games to play.

This is all about the animals!

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What can you learn about different animals? Begin your exploration here.

I Spy

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I Spy and other favorites from Scholastic.

Shape Poems
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Reading Rainbow

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One Hen

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Learn more about this fabulous book!

Food and Farming
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This quest will show you where we get our foods.

Time For Kids

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Use this site to find articles for your world news assisignments.

Kids Post

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This is part of the Washington Post adult newspaper. Good articles but make sure they are news articles and not opinion articles.

CBBC Newsround

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Another great site for articles about world news.

Two Aqua World News worksheet

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This is the worksheet you need to complete your World News assignment. Click on the picture and download sheet.

Two Orange World News worksheet

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This is the worksheet two orange will need to use to complete your World News assignment. Click on the picture and download sheet.

History for Kids

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Use this site to find information about what foods people ate long ago.


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